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Certificate of deposit definition quizlet

CDs Versus Money Market Accounts Versus Money Market Funds.
The certificate of deposit generated a whole five percent profit in bank safe deposit box wells fargo five months so we decided to continue the investment indefinitely.A certificate of deposit is an agreement to deposit money for a fixed period with a bank that will pay you interest.For other needs, banks borrow from each other at the.CD rates will be lower than what they charge their best customers to lend money, known as the prime rate, because banks must make a profit.Those alternatives determine the interest rates banks pay on CDs.The best way to keep ahead of inflation is with stock investing, but that is risky.Phrases starting with the letter: A, b C, d E, f G, h I, j K,.These are sold by a bank, your broker, or other financial institution.Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures CDs up to 250,000.Thus, rates paid on CDs will be higher than the fed funds rate, but lower than the prime rate.
Online-only banks will offer higher rates than brick and mortar banks because their costs are lower.
Money market mutual funds are select mutual funds that invest in CDs as well as other money market instruments.
Bank pays that rate on one-month, three-month, one-year and five-year loans.Also, Certificates of Deposit are typically known as term deposits in countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, as time deposits in Asia, CDs in the United States, as fixed rate bonds in Great Britain, and as fixed deposits in some other countries like India.You can choose to invest for three months, six months, one year or five years.CDs are low risk, low return investments, and are also known as " time deposits because the account holder has agreed to keep the money in the account for a specified amount of time, anywhere from three months to six years.Their revenue comes from interest paid by borrowers.They also offer higher interest rates than other safe investments, such as money-market accounts or money market funds.The CD is a promissory note that the bank issues you.