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Check poker definition

check poker definition

Check whether this page has a gros tournoi poker en ligne watermark.
A person or thing that stops, limits, slows, or restrains: The increase of duty was an effective check online casinos gratis bonus on imports.
To mark with or in a pattern of squares: to check fabric.Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions.(implied in checked from check (n.1).They checked off the names of people they wanted to invite.(used as a call to warn one's opponent that his or her king is exposed to direct attack, having just one move in which to escape or parry.) Informal.Antonyms for check.Times, Sunday Times (2011)You should also check whether you are affected by chemicals in treatments such as bleaching agents.A control, test, or inspection that ascertains performance or prevents error: They ran a check on the dependability of the automobile.
Idioms check the helm, Nautical.
Blank check in the figurative sense attested by 1849.
To place (an bingo gratis pachinko 5 opponent's king) under direct attack.Check your enthusiasm during a negotiation.( US ) A bill, particularly in a restaurant.Hodges Richard Brealey Stewart Myers Principles of Corporate Finance (1991)It took me two hours to check.Check out, to vacate and pay for one's quarters at a hotel.Adjective serving to check, control, verify, etc.: a check system.