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I dont really dislike the squadron missions, but one of the things I was worried about is that they wouldnt provide much in the way of motivation to breathe new life into squadrons.
Plus, its another chance on a lot of cute minions that could be rather frustrating to get when everything was relevant.
Next week, I want to talk a little bit about crafting and gathering, both where it is and where the game is heading with it in the future.
If youre a veteran of the game, theyre dungeons you will have run countless times, and they dont offer you much in the way of enhanced experience or anything.On the bright side, it means that the game is really still the same game youve been playing since June, just with several enhancements.The Nymian civilization hosted an immense amount of knowledge and learning, but so much of it has been lost to the people of Eorzea.There are limitations to it, and part of me is a bit sad that the majesty of these areas has been somewhat diminished in the process but for players who never concorde luxury resort & casino cyprus saw these areas at all, I think Ill take the version thats slightly less.Even Grade V is quite reliable to remove; Ive only lost one piece after a huge number of yanks, and between that and Mhachi matter I expect Ill have enough combat materia to last me well into the next expansion and beyond.So lets dive back into the parts of the patch that are out but havent yet been discussed seriously, starting with the arguably biggest feature that I havent really touched on at all.Thats not to say that the feature is bad; far from it!With a little bit of consistency, its not hard to get that set; based on the reliable extraction rate, youll keep most of them when upgrading to the next tier.
Starting here allows us to do more with squadrons in the future, and the way that its set up now makes sure that it doesnt deform the higher-end game badly.
And the rest, i find it a little odd just how much of this patch was partitioned out for the future; both the new PvP mode (and associated potential rewards) and the new challenge control my bonus were pushed out a little bit, which is unusual.Grade IV itself isnt perfectly easy to get, but you barely even need it on anything other than leveling gear, because you can remove it with perfect reliability.As far as I can tell, this is the early version of a system that has more potential for expansion in the future.but it does feel like more or less the same patterns have held up in the wake of its addition.They cant all be flawless.And DPS queues are not only fine, but frequently faster.At this point, combat materia before grade IV is irrelevant.

You might think thats an effort to extend content a bit more, but the fact is that most of the developers seem well aware that the new challenge content is not going to be seen by the majority of players and isnt intended.
It turns out that this was largely accurate; other than having your emotes, theres not much to them.