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Fnb app lotto winners

Now that he has gone through the compulsory counselling and financial planning sessions, he says the only person he is going to tell is his confidante.
Just like he does every week, he spent R240 on his Quick Pick tickets through the FNB banking app on the January 12th draw.Comments comments cybersecurity past and future: Whats come this year and what is coming.It's only after the funeral when everyone is gone that you begin to feel the emotion he says.YOU magazine about how he heard the news and who he will and wont be telling.While everyone was frantically buying standard Lotto tickets for last Saturdays R110 million jackpot, peut on tricher au blackjack one Gauteng dad won R70 million on Powerball.He ended up being the sole winner of the 12 January Powerball draw, he had officially won R70 million.'Is this not a scam?' "I heard two messages coming in, one after the other, so I thought, 'Argh, it's a please call me'.He likens the overwhelming feeling to receiving news of someone's passing.
"The only thing I'm excited about is that I'm going to pay off my debts he says enthusiastically.
Is this not a scam, is this really true?Without this solid financial blueprint, your winnings can disappear faster than it actually should.He doesn't have any plans of informing them either, saying that people tend to get a little carried away when they receive a lump sum.Youre the first tier winner of Powerball/Powerball Plus.That night he called me saying he couldn't sleep, because he kept thinking is it really happening.Over the years, the largest amount he'd ever won playing the lotto was R1 300, which he says was only last year.