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Justice league bonus scene explained

The Lost Lenore : For both Garth and Kaldur.
The Kids Are American : Most Atlanteans in the series speak with a very slow, formal syntax and slight accent, developed by Kaldur's voice actor to reflect that he was not a native English speaker and mimicked by the other actors for consistency.The Leader : Clear-headed and rational, with enough regard for her teammates to qualify her as this trope.Ascended Extra : Twice.Heroic Comedic Sociopath : The Scarab, whose total lack of empathy is played both for Black Comedy and drama.To explain, the comic book Speedy took the name Arsenal before switching to Red Arrow.Adaptation Distillation : Bart's origin in the comics has him being casini family ranch born in the 30th century, due to his grandmother Iris being time-displaced and giving birth to Bart's father and aunt there.Even Guy Gardner (who, per Cassie, doesn't like anyone ) likes him!Brought to You by the Letter "S" : Also sports the standard Robin "R".
By season 2, he's a shapeshifting Kid Hero.
Both Bart and Jaime are among the few characters who don't express romantic interest in someone of the opposite gender (though Jaime's implied to be attracted to Cassie in the tie-in comic).Wild Card : He frequently goes against the team and doing actions that benefits him before others.Remember When You Blew Up a Sun?Hot-Blooded : He probably wouldn't have been captured in "Depths" if he hadn't gotten angry at Superboy's comment and decided to prove he didn't need help from the "Boy of Steel".Badass in Distress : Gets abducted during Kaldur's attack on Mount Justice in "Darkest and in "War he is kidnapped by the Reach and kept in the War World.Blue Beetle : Don't waste the oxygen, hermano.Dressing as the Enemy : In "Summit he is one of the members who disguises himself as one of the assassins working for The Light and works as The Cavalry for Kaldur and the rest of the heroes while Savage actually believed they were reinforcement.

She's the daughter of Zeus and Helena Sandsmark.
That was always part of the plan.