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Schiphol slots cargo

We have continued to build on initiatives in 20 with the aim of enhancing the experience of our long term deposit westpac pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and perishables customers, and our continued commitment to quality is having positive results, said Jonas van Stekelenburg, Head of Cargo, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Finals details are yet to be announced but this might be the solution and end to the current lack of capacity that will restore the balance in our market.Our goal is to always offer our clients and partners the best possible service against the best possible price, causing this situation to put not only us but a lot of parties in a difficult situation.Van Stekelenburg said: It is very positive that in this current 2017 / 2018 winter season, all requested, full freighter slots were granted, and many freighters were able to continue their business at Schiphol with ad-hoc slots.The slot scarcity has been a challenge for us as a cargo community, and in some cases, cargo stakeholders were under-represented in the various sections of the airport community.The combination of reduced capacity and the annual last quarter peak is causing tremendous pressure and a serious bottleneck for a lot of parties, including ourselves.Trust, increased cooperation, and improved agreements between all stakeholders are essential in this respect.Secondary Navigation, primary Navigation, home » Schiphol Reports Record.75 Million Tonnes of Cargo Handled in 2017.Turkish Cargo Transports Lion Cubs and Penguins to New Home.Twice a year in the transition between summer and winter season the Schiphol Airport Coordination Netherlands is appointing these slots to the various operators.
Asia remains Schiphols largest market, with Shanghai, China, the busiest destination.
The fast, efficient and safe cargo process at the airport is driven by continual supply-chain innovation, close cooperation with the entire cargo community and the added-value knowledge and expertise of our team.A number of flights transit Europe en-route to Asia, and we can attribute a proportion of the growth in our European figures to the developing Asian market.If 80 of the given slots are not used, the operator will automatically loose the slots, under the motto: use it or lose.Slots) are being preserved by the operators if they succeed in using 80 of their appointed slots.Fighting slot restrictions throughout the year, Schiphol Cargo came out on top with strong reports showing an increase.4 per cent on yearly tonnage in 2017 with strong demand in the Far East for European goods boosting total figures to 1,752,498 tonnes.Speaking about the slot restrictions.Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Europes preferred airport, is located in the heart of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, an important international logistics hub.It is Schiphols objective to aim for sustainable growth at the airport after 2020 and airfreight is an important part of that.Europes third largest air cargo hub experienced an uptick in cargo throughput.4 per cent year-on-year between January and October 2017, with total figures for January to December 2017 reaching.75 million tonnes.

December 18, 2017, schiphol Airport is experiencing exponential growth in the last years and even though the airport is not at its maximum, there is set a maximum limit of 500.000 flights a year.
The upswing in e-commerce shipments, both inbound and outbound, was a large contributor to the cargo volumes for this market.
The right to land on Schiphol Airport (i.e.