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Time tells online poker

Don't get caught in the party and the afterburn of a heater.
He may be fond of round numbers and doesn't want to risk a late hit when he can already smell the cash in the cashier cage.
(The main exception to this is when facing a very aggressive opponent; many players will make immediate calls with hands they usually wouldnt when facing a very aggro opponent.
Ideally, youll want to witness the patterns being present in a specific player before making decisions based on them.Weak top pairs and middle pairs that just want to see a showdown as well as busted draws that decided against bluffing.Always know who the mass multi-tablers are at your stake and make a point of bluff raising or floating them a little bit more often than the other regs.Big cards mean big bets, small cards mean small bets.It's bonus wkr 2017 inevitable; just hope no one notices.It's not easy to talk when you're bluffing.Related Reading: Choose the Best Reaction If the false tell is the action it's imperative you choose the best reaction.
Due to their lack of focus, they will be playing basic poker raising with good hands and checking/folding bad hands.
To start with, most amateur poker players have the wrong ideas about which poker tells to look out for.
This tell is really simple: Some players actually fall for the trap to protect their hole cards (by putting a chip on top of them) if and only if they are at least fairly strong.Bonus Tip: Versus weak/tight bad regs this is a great spot to consider an over-bet bluff or even an all-in bluff.When you start playing regularly, it is important to not act too quickly or you risk giving away important information about your hand.An immediate call will usually mean that a player has a hand that is obviously worth a call but obviously not worth a raise.Players who suddenly awaken and lean forward after seeing their hole cards are most often getting ready for action and preparing themselves for battle.Fumbling and Glancing, a player who, after seeing his hole cards, immediately glances at his chips or starts to fumble with them usually has a very strong hand. .The quantity of eye shifting is often staggering to a level that would concern even Three-Card Monty gratis nieuwe gokkasten 2012 hustlers.False poker tells are just as common as true poker tells at a poker table so differentiating between the two is just as important as spotting tells in the first place. .This tendency can show up with preflop raises.

The truth is in the fingers.
Poker Betting Pattern: The Turn Check/Raise, this generally indicates huge strength at the micros.